How to Make Your Unprocessed Virgin Hair Last Longer

There are many ways you can make your unprocessed virgin hair last as long as possible.

If you've ever had the displeasure to buy an expensive weave, wig or other hair piece, only for it to last a short time, you've probably wondered: is there anything I can do to make my unprocessed virgin hair last longer? And the answer is simple: yes! There are many ways you can make your unprocessed virgin hair, whether its Malaysian hair or from another source, last as long as possible. The following are 5 tips to help your unprocessed virgin hair last longer.

Tip 1: Always detangle your hair before wearing, washing, or bedtime.
One of the biggest mistakes that people make is skimping on the detangling. You must always detangle your Malaysian hair before you wear it, before you wash it, and--if you wear your hair to bed--before you go to sleep. Leaving your hair tangled before you wear it or before you go to bed can result in matting and knotting, which can not only be nearly impossible to get out, but damages the fibers and shortens the overall life of your hair. And if you don't detangle your hair before you wash it, you may get even more serious matting which can result in shedding. While it may be a pain to always take the time to detangle, the benefit of longer unprocessed virgin hair life is more than worth it.

Tip 2: Use moisturizing conditioner meant for human hair. 

Unprocessed virgin hair needs to be moisturized to keep it looking healthy for as long as possible. Without moisturizer, human hair--regardless of how its being used--will begin to look dry and become brittle, which makes it prone to breakage. You should use a quality moisturizing conditioner in your Malaysian hair on a regular basis to ensure it lasts longer.

Tip 3: Avoid using hot styling tools as much as possible. 

While hot styling tools can help you achieve the perfect look you want to achieve, heat is notoriously bad for your hair--and in the case of hair used for weaves, wigs and hair pieces, it can shorten their life pretty significantly. Heat can cause dryness, brittleness, as well as damaged cuticles and split ends. You should strive to use hot styling tools as little as possible and choose hair-friendly alternatives whenever you can.

Tip 4: Avoid chemical products as much as possible.

In addition to avoiding heat styling, you should avoid using too many chemical products such as hair spray or gel or other types of hair products. While these aren't as damaging as heat, they can shorten the overall life span of your Malaysian hair.

Tip 5: Let your hair air dry. 

Another often overlooked way to prolong the life of your unprocessed virgin hair vendors is to let it air dry after washing. Air drying is gentler on the hair and allows the hair to resume its natural shape as it gradually dries out, as opposed to the harsh, intense drying caused by blow dryers.